I published this post on an older version of my blog a couple of years ago and have considerably revised and updated it to include here. I leave it again as a reminder not to allow doubt and negativity to interfere with plans and goals, and to remember to make space in the day to simply ‘be’…

Every day, weather permitting, I walk from my house to the sea. This has become an increasingly important part of my creative journey, and I miss it terribly if it is too stormy and wet, as it is today. These walks are a gift to myself, a special time to recharge the batteries, reflect, and look around. I have always felt better when walking outdoors – more vital and alive, but also more relaxed and at peace. The act of walking projects the body through space whilst simultaneously allowing the mind to meander through a series of thoughts, and the eye to stroll along the horizon. I have discovered a beautiful rhythm in this. There is no pressure to make or do anything work-wise, although I always carry a camera and sketchbook. Whilst photography and drawing are part of my daily work activities, they are also hugely therapeutic and life-affirming when the all too familiar pressures of time and money are removed from the equation. The pauses between steps, the clicks of the shutter, or pencil marks falling across paper, naturally become part of the rhythm of the walk.

It is remarkably common for people to be discouraged from their goals and dreams by fear of failure, lack of confidence or self-doubt. So it is during these walks that I am slowly cultivating a kind of positive thought that I suddenly realise is a crucial part in achieving anything that is significant in our lives….I am starting to believe…This is so simple, yet so important, that I had to rush home and write it down…..

Since sharing this the first time, I’ve developed a whole body of photographic works, and a number of significant ideas for studio work as a direct result of these relaxing excursions along the coastline. I have also swung from euphoric states of believing back to hopeless states of unbelieving. The walking always brings me back to the former, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

The images below are from the ongoing project Tidelands, which has gradually emerged from my daily seaward wanderings.

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  1. You are a real inspiration Debbie, my own new year resolution was to spend more time , making space each day for me, a chance to refresh the mind and take some exercise. We all falter in the first few weeks of the year and I must admit my resolution has slipped on a couple of days but reading this I understand again the importance of that rhythm and feel eager to refresh my resolution. Thank you.

    1. Thanks very much Marilyn, my pleasure. I appreciate your new year resolution and it’s associated difficulties! It is hard to make the time for walks at this time of year when it goes dark so soon, but I’m going to aim to be up a bit earlier so I can go before work, instead of afterwards. I am very glad to see some cloud movement and blue sky, even if they are accompanied by an icy wind. We should try and make time to stroll down that beach together sometime soon 🙂

  2. Thank you Debbie for sharing these insights which many of us consciously or not partake with you. The ability to materialize your emotions by way of words and images is a gift worth cultivating. In Life it is important to be fully Human. The way to do that is by being in contact with emotions and aspirations. Your “One Mile of Coastline” is a wonderful exposé of exploration and discovery. You are very gifted in many aspects. Many humans arrive at the end of this life empty because Life passed them by. thank you!

  3. Your walks to the sea are envied. Enlightening, and indeed to an extent a spiritual endeavor, a personal journey that you have allowed us to be a part of. And for that we are grateful. Great photos!

    1. Thanks very much Paul. I was about to ask you how you found my website when I realised you are one of my contacts on flickr. I also notice a link to your own website which I’ll go and have a look at this evening. Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment, this feedback is really important to me 🙂

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