Hello and Welcome

My artistic practice is concerned with understanding, recording, and translating direct experiences of the landscape and places that surround my home on Morecambe Bay in the UK. I have always loved walking in the outdoors, learning how to communicate with my surroundings, and finding meaning within them. These are not passing visits. I return repeatedly to the same locations; often places I have known since childhood. There is a reassuring repetition in this process, yet the experience is varied and continues to evoke an increasing sense of wonder as time goes by.

I use photography, drawing, painting and video to express various aspects of my experience in the landscape. As much as possible, I like to work ‘out of my pocket’ using things that I always carry with me such as my mobile phone and a small notebook. I like to be able to work as I walk, so an uncomplicated approach serves me very well and ensures that I am able to respond to events that are taking place in the moment.

Recent work explores aspects of time in relation to place, my physical and mental relationship with the landscape through walking and mobile technology.

My artistic practice is a collaboration with the landscape and an essential part of my experience there. It is an ongoing relationship; a means of inhabiting, understanding, or even communicating with the world around me. It is important to me that this attitude is embedded in everything I make and do, whether in the studio or out and about in the wider world.