Documenting The Bay – An Archive of Personal Photographs

My art practice is an ongoing relationship with places; a way of inhabiting, understanding, or even communicating with the world around me. I am constantly learning from my experiences of walking on Morecambe Bay, where I live – about the landscape, its history and my own relationship to it. So, when I stop to take a photo, I am acknowledging this and keeping a record. My archive of photographs of this small stretch of coast span 10 years since I moved back to my childhood home and it continues to grow, evolve and inform my practice. I have since begun to add video, sound recordings and field notes to the archive. This is a small example of my explorations and discoveries. This is a small selection – there are thousands of photos in the archive. 

Morecambe Bay is situated on the Lancashire and Cumbria coastline, just to the south of the Lake District National Park. Covering an area of 320 square kilometers, it is the largest area of intertidal mudflats and sand in the UK. The area where I walk is about 6 miles north of Morecambe itself. Covering about a mile in each direction it encompasses the very last area to be covered by the tide on its daily journey in and out of The Bay.