An Archive of Personal Photographs

Over the last 11 years I have been walking between the River Keer Estuary and Hest Bank on Morecambe Bay with a camera to capture aspects of my experience. During that time I have created a large archive of ‘photographic notes’ about the area that continues to grow, evolve, and inform my art practice. This is just a small selection of the photographs. The work has since expanded to include video, drawing, audio recording, and writing.

I am currently looking into ways of bringing life to the archive, and making it more accessible, searchable, and useful.

Morecambe Bay is situated on the Lancashire and Cumbria coastline, just to the south of the Lake District National Park. Covering an area of 320 square kilometers, it is the largest area of intertidal mudflats and sand in the UK. The area where I walk is about 6 miles north of Morecambe itself. Covering about a couple of miles in each direction it encompasses the very last area to be covered by the tide on its daily journey in and out of The Bay.