I have had a busy summer of creating, exhibiting, and grabbing precious opportunities to work in the outdoors. As Autumn crept in I returned to wander in the limestone fells and pavements to the north, more frequently than ever. Autumn is a special event here, and this year it has been so spectacular, I have struggled to tear myself away. Having said that, these limestone pavements and their surrounds have always been special to me, and this hyperactive period of visiting seems to be part of a cycle that I go through – that often includes other locations within reach of my doorstep.

It is so good to be back amongst the rocks adding to my catalogue of adventures here, and to my collection of work about the area. In many ways each new experience is more exciting than the last; and even more engaging than my first visits, working on door sized canvasses on the pavements back in 2006. It seems that familiarity breeds an extra special kind of satisfaction in my evolving relationship with this place. Each drawing connects me to the landscape, and also to myself, strengthening a bond that can never be broken, no matter how far I travel away.

I have enjoyed some amazing conditions on the rocks in the last few weeks, and have drawn and photographed with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. I have sat and watched as the late evening light transformed the pavements into a symphony of shapes, colour, light and shadows. I’ve sheltered amongst standing stones with my sketchbook as dark, brooding storms have passed from west to east, and have been thrashed by the wind. There is always something new to see and learn. For the first time in a long time, the work has taken a leap out of my sketchbook, and grabbed a hold in the studio. I am excited about what may evolve from this.

There is some recent work below. Please click on an image to view in the lightbox.

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  1. Well done Debbie.
    Your words share your intrigue with the limestone fells and pavements.
    Your photographs have caught beautiful light, vivid seasonal colors, and a foreboding sense in the one.
    Your paintings are rich with vibrant life clinging to the harshness of the limestone.
    The wind sculpted tree of the drawings is most fascinating further showing the harshness.
    Nice place to wander and find oneself.

    1. Thanks so much Paul, I really appreciate that. It is a fascinating place, that can be harsh at times, and that is part of it’s appeal. I enjoy sharing my experiences of it here and am really pleased that you took the time to visit 🙂

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