I have been visiting and making work along the coast in Heysham, in North Lancashire for almost 10 years. This area has always fascinated me with it’s startling contrasts between nature, the nuclear power stations, port of Heysham, and industrial estate.

My work largely results from a subjective approach, that involves returning to places again and again and creating images in response to each new experience there. This has been part of a natural, instinctive process, realised over time and not something I originally set out to explore. Walking familiar places and developing a stronger sense of place is important to me and it has become clear that the work is about the journey and what has been discovered along the way, than it is simple visual representation of a subject.

I began making images on the coast at Heysham in the summer of 2006 following a visit to Half Moon Bay with my sketchbook – a small rocky beach with views of Morecambe Bay and the Power Stations and Port. Amazed by the juxtaposition between the rocky beach and the industrial buildings in the distance, I gradually set out to further explore the footpaths that circle the Power Stations and continue to the sands at Middleton to the south. Over the next year or so I had filled a sketchbook about the area and had taken numerous photographs using a small digital camera. I referred back to this work on many occasions during the following five years whilst living and working away from home, in the South of England. Since returning in 2012 I was immediately drawn back, and naturally continued to walk and make work there….

And, I’m still doing it.

I’m not really sure how to best present this as a project as a whole. So, for want of a better idea, I have created a gallery from a selection of the images that roughly follows the chronology in which they have been made. Now this is done, it should be relatively easy to add to as time goes by.

As always, I’m very interested in reading your comments. Please share your thoughts with me using the form below.

All images and content: Copyright © 2006-2015, Debbie Yare, All rights reserved


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  1. I really like looking through all your “mixed media” representations of this fascinating area, Debbie. I am so impressed with your abilities, be they , simple line drawings, sketches, full drawings, paintings and photographs. You have such talent!!!

  2. Hi Debbie….well here’s my feeble but well intended way of saying how much i’ve enjoyed not only your sketchings , paintings, and photography but I really believe your writtings have been equally brilliant.

    1. Thanks Bill, I really appreciate your support. I have an exhibition looming on the horizon and I might somehow try to incorporate the blog posts. The writing has never come easily, but I have realised that it is an important part of the work. Building a small following for the blog and receiving your feedback is really, very valuable indeed. Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Debbie you are quite the artiste! As more and more of your work appears here your creative abilities fascinate and delight. Love the watercolors, great sketches and photographs too. Thanks for sharing!

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