The Limestone Hills

I have been walking and working out in the rugged limestone hills near my home on Morecambe Bay since 2003. I have so much affection for this fantastical landscape, and for the characterful trees and rock forms that I have met on my travels, that I have come to know the area like the back of my hand. For many years I exclusively worked in sketchbooks, but more recently I have begun to develop drawings and paintings based on my experiences, back in the studio. I am particularly fascinated by how my perception of the landscape might shift and develop over the course of time and how this might manifest itself in the work that I make. It is a complex landscape, an overwhelming feast for the eyes, but there are rhythms that run through it that catch my attention and demand further exploration. I did not set out to seek different ways of expressing the landscape, rather something that has occurred naturally in the spirit of exploration and discovery, over the course of time. It is very much an ongoing learning experience.

The drawings and paintings are shown with the most recent first.