Nature Returning – An Exhibition

I’ll be taking part in a joint exhibition with fellow Artist and landscape lover Fay Collins between 28th April and 22nd June.

‘Nature Returning’ is the first exhibition to be showcased in the Williamsons Gallery at Ashton Memorial in Lancaster since it’s refurbishment last year. The exhibition features paintings, drawings, prints and photographs inspired by nature returning to post-industrial landscapes. Particularly landscapes in North Lancashire and South Cumbria that have been quarried. These include Trowbarrow Nature Reserve (Silverdale), Hodge Close (Coniston), and Williamson’s Park itself where footpaths weave through rocky outcrops remaining from the old quarry that once provided stone for Lancaster’s buildings.

The exhibition is the result of numerous explorations and observations of these fascinating altered landscapes. There is a real sense of industrial history, juxtaposed with the new life taking root between the rocks and nesting in cliffs. The haunting atmosphere of the quarried landscapes combined with often subtle and unexpected beauty makes great inspiration for creativity.

‘Nature Returning’ runs between 28th April and 22nd June, between 10am until 5pm. If you are making a special visit on a Saturday please be aware that the gallery is occasionally closed for other events. Fay and I will be at the gallery at Ashton Memorial every Monday throughout the duration of the exhibition, so why not drop in and say hello? Prints and unframed originals will be also available for purchase.

As always, I’m very interested in reading your comments. Please share your thoughts with me using the form below.

Exhibition Poster
Exhibition Poster
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I am a Visual Artist based in North-west England. I make drawings, paintings and photographs about the landscape.

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  1. Simon Howlett

    Hi Debbie – Visited the exhibition yesterday, enjoyed it very much. Wonderful artwork and a magnificent venue. The climb was worth it!

    • Debbie Yare

      Hi Simon, Thank you so much, I really appreciate that you took the time to visit the exhibition up all those stairs and glad you enjoyed it. We are both really pleased to have the opportunity to show in such a wonderful space. 🙂

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