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When I first started writing for the blog I published a post called “A Sense of Place” which you can find here. In it I describe a location that I often visit and explain that it holds a special meaning for me. My understanding of having a “sense of place” is that it is the combining of the physical characteristics of a landscape with memory, history, stories, and emotions – An interweaving of human experience with the landscape. My interest in this is largely what drives me to make work, and I can’t think of a more fulfilling way to build a relationship with a place than through walking, exploration and art.

Since writing that post I’ve been searching for my own particular way of working that does justice to my experiences in the landscape. It is a longer and harder journey than I ever imagined, but also full of rewards and new discoveries.

This year I’ve been grappling with various processes that I use in the studio and when working outdoors and have made some practical changes to how I work help me to progress. Effectively, I am trying to build a stronger bridge between the work I make outside and the studio paintings. This has led me to work more closely with the sketches, and to print out very low resolution copies of my photographs onto small cards, which I can hold in my hand whilst working, rather than viewing high resolution images on a monitor beside me. I am struck by the notion that the strength of feeling resulting from my experiences walking in the landscape are somehow contained in these photgraphs and drawings. I wonder how this idea might feed into my work and I think it is important.

I am always interested in reading your comments or answering your questions. Please share your thoughts with me using the form below.

Here is some new work from my experiences exploring the coast and limestone country near my home.

Lost Buoy at Sunset – Photograph

Four Trees, oil on cradled panel, 30x35cm


Standing Stones after a Storm – Photograph





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I am a Visual Artist based in North-west England. I make drawings, paintings and photographs about the landscape.

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2 Responses

  1. paul m. garger

    Hello Debbie,

    I share that striving for a sense of place in my photography as well, and often of late find myself traveling some of the same roads to see if there is something I missed or if there is something that stands out in a new light.

    The weather looks especially dynamic in your sense of place. Enjoy all of the changes and emotions and lightings, they are great to ponder upon through your paintings and photography.

    I wish you good fortune with bringing your thoughts and feelings from your wanderings back into the studio to recreate them from memories with your wonderful talents…

    the weather looks so dynamic there…

    – paul

    • Debbie Yare

      Hi Paul,
      It is good to hear from you. Yes, it gets a bit blustery here on the west coast and brings lots of exciting weather with amazing clouds and light. I will never tire of sky watching whilst wandering along the coast here.
      Thanks for all your encouraging words. I’ll pop over to your web pages and have a look at what you’ve been up to 🙂

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