A New Lease of Life for Two Lancaster Based Artists

I’ll soon be taking part in this exhibition with Laura van Tatenhove. A fabulous opportunity to work with someone whom I have a great deal of respect for. This last year has been incredible and I am very excited about the new work. This is what we had to say about the show:

“The title of the exhibition, Preoccupations, reflects the focussed, almost obsessive approach we have both had towards our respective subject matter.

We are very excited at this opportunity to exhibit together and feel that our work makes for a really interesting and thought-provoking show.

One of the things I think will be great about this exhibition is how it will present the viewer with, amongst other things, two very different conceptions of space. Whilst Debbie has her eyes cast out across the landscape my gaze is, for the most part, turned inwards. My painted studies of the work of Jacopo Tintoretto, sculptures of human body parts and small film work are about a very detailed and tightly compressed space. Debbie’s work is expansive whereas mine contracts. I find the contrast really fascinating.”

‘Preoccupations’ runs from 13th to 30th September 2018 at King Street Studios, 5A King Street, Lancaster LA1 1JN

Opening hours are Thursday-Saturday 11-5.30pm, Sunday 11-5pm (or by appointment).

Admission is free.

On Saturday 15th September from 2-6pm there will be a preview of the show and the opportunity to meet the artists.

In addition, on Monday 17th September Laura will give an artist talk 6.45-8, followed by Debbie on Monday 24th September at the same time. The ticket price for these events is £3.

Please contact: info@kingstreetstudios.art or 07743238663 for further information.

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I am a Visual Artist based in North-west England. I make drawings, paintings and photographs about the landscape.

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  1. Jill Pemberton

    Looks like a fascinating exhibition. I am away from 10th until 22nd but will try to catch end of show. Good luck to both of you.

    • Debbie Yare

      Hi Jill,
      Thanks, i’m looking forward to seeing it all in the space.
      If you do come over please let me know and I can make sure I am there?
      Debbie 🙂

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