Hello and Welcome

My artistic practice is concerned with understanding, recording, and translating direct experiences of the landscape and places that surround my home on Morecambe Bay in northwest England. I have always loved walking in the outdoors, learning to communicate with my surroundings, and finding meaning within them. These are not passing visits, I return repeatedly to the same locations; usually places I have known since childhood. There is a reassuring repetition in this process, yet the experience is varied, continually providing new connections and juxtapositions to be explored.

The work evolves from material that I gather on my walks: such as photographs, drawings, video clips, and notes. My archive of material is a jumbled up map of sorts; a personal and subjective document, but also increasingly political. It contains all kinds of information about the landscape, its history, and my own relationship to it. I continue to interpret and disseminate this material back in the studio, creating paintings, multi-media installations, and films. I have developed a particular interest in aspects of time in relation to place, my physical and mental relationship with the environment through walking, and mobile technology. Recently I have noticed that the salt marsh along the coast where I live is rapidly eroding, and my focus has shifted towards understanding and documenting the changes that are taking place there. I feel helpless to experience this sudden loss of marshland, and yet the work feels like a positive course of action.

I do not subscribe to the notion that human beings are somehow separate from nature; but rather that we are a part of it. This attitude is embedded in everything that I make and do.

I am particularly interested in opportunities to collaborate with other individuals, organisations and communities.