My name is Debbie Yare and I am a Visual Artist based in north-west England. I make paintings and drawings, and also have a strong interest in photography.

Being outdoors and developing my awareness of the landscape is an essential part of my work and life. I have spent many years visiting and exploring places of interest near my home on Morecambe Bay, often walking the same routes again and again. My walks through the landscape are thoughtful experiences that allow plenty of time for stopping, drawing and painting in a sketch-book, and taking photographs en route. These initial observations return with me to the studio where I can adopt a more carefully considered approach – Currently, I’m making a piece of work over numerous sittings, which leaves plenty of time for thinking (and for paint layers to dry) in between.

Please explore my galleries and blog. I am always happy to answer questions via my contact page where you can also subscribe to receive updates sent directly to your email address.

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