My name is Debbie Yare and I’m a Visual Artist based in North-west England. I am mainly involved in making paintings and drawings, and also have a strong interest in photography.

Being outdoors and developing my awareness of the landscape is an essential part of my work and life. For many years now, I have been visiting and exploring places of particular interest near my home on Morecambe Bay, often walking the same pathways again and again. My walks in these familiar surrounds are strongly felt, thoughtful experiences that continue to inform an evolving body of work.

I walk without any expectations, yet always carry a camera and Art materials so that I can stop to draw, paint and take photographs along the way. From these initial explorations, I continue to make drawings and paintings in the studio, adopting a more carefully considered approach. I would like to convey the emotion of these lived experiences, whilst maintaining a commitment to painting the landscape and the physical characteristics that make each place unique.

Please explore my galleries and blog. I am always happy to answer questions via my contact page where you can also subscribe to receive updates sent directly to your email address.

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