I am a Visual Artist based in Lancashire, North West England. Through drawing, painting and photography I am expressing the landscapes and places that I visit and explore while walking. Direct experience of landscape through walking is central to my art practice and I often visit the same locations again and again, making work as a result of each new experience there. This ongoing process of discovery and rediscovery has enabled me to see and experience the places that I visit in a surprisingly diverse number of ways.

History and stories that are woven through the landscape; industrial landscapes and places in transition; and remote, rocky places where one can ‘get away from it all’, often appear as themes in my work. I am also interested in what it means to have a ‘sense of place’ and how developing a stronger ‘sense of place’ through exploration and discovery might manifest itself in the images that I create.

I practice drawing and photography on location as immediate ways to express lived experiences and imaginative moments using relatively simple tools. From these initial explorations I continue to make work in the studio. I’d like to capture the essence of these lived, inspired moments; whilst also investigating a more complex painting process. I am also interested in the therapeutic qualities of creativity, walking and the outdoors; and have become an advocate for their benefits to wellbeing

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